GE Low Voltage Spectra Series Busways


 Spectra Series Busway (GE)

- Medium to large commercial & industrial applications
- Indoor, Drip-proof IP43, Splash-proof IP54, and Outdoor IP65, IP66 enclosures
- Not for hazardous locations
- Not designed to be imbedded in the ground or in concrete
- New Joint Guard Protection System
- Field-adjustable isolation joint allows for ±½" per joint
- Exclusive Blue coat Epoxy Insulation provides the industry's longest insulation    life of 50++ years.
- Aluminum Housing with Sandwich Design
- DC Applications
- Conductor : Aluminum or Copper
- Operating Voltage: Low Voltage (600V or less) 
- Rated Current: 225-6300A amperes
- Standard: UL 857, NEMA BU-1, CSA
- Short Circuit Ratings: up through 200 kA for 3 cycles
 Benefits of busway over wire and conduit:
- Lower installed cost
- Smaller size, lighter weight
- Better efficiency
- No cutters, benders, oils, jellies, grease, scrap or cable reels
- Future expansion flexibility
- Higher short-circuit ratings
- Lower voltage drop
- Higher integrity and reliability


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