GE WavePro-II Busways


WavePro-LT Low voltage busway 400 - 5000A 


      Wave Pro-LT low-voltage compact bus way features rated current 400 A-5000 A, the ability of providing neutral bus bar with 100% and 200% capacity, 

and has two options available: 50% integrated housing ground and 50% internal ground, which can meet the requirements of various power distribution systems.

The ingress protection grade is up to IP-65, the users can select according to the installation environment.


WavePro-LT reference standard & certificates.

  • Design Standards:
    IEC 61439-1 2011 LV switchgear and control gear assemblies – Part 1: General rules
    IEC 61439-6 2012 LV switchgear and control gear assemblies – Part 6: Bus bar trunking systems (busways)
  • Product Certificates / Test Reports: 

  • Temperature rise limit test at ambient temperature of 50 °C with KEMA test report.
    Resistance to flame proparation (IEC 61439-6, Clause 10.101) and fire resistance in wall penetrations 
    (IEC 61439-6, 
    clause 10.102, with fire resistance of 240 minutes), 
  • KEMA test report and certificate. 


  • Rated current 630-5000 A (Copper), 100-4000 A (Aluminum)
  • Sandwich Design , aluminum housing with ripples on side plate for better heat dissipation
  • New mistake proof feature at joint
  • Automatic rivet assembly 
  • IP-41,IP-54 and IP-65 are available for different applications
  • Mylar Insulation wrapped with two layers, insulation level is class B
  • Prior to the bus way leaving the factory it is tested to withstand 3750 V AC high voltage, which ensures 100% qualified insulation performance
  • 30 years service life
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